Inclement Weather Message

Inclement Weather Message
Posted on 11/01/2019
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Dear Region 6 Community, 

The following is a link to the annual winter weather letter that was scheduled to be sent today: 

Winter Weather Advisory Letter 

This morning, I faced a unique school decision concerning a power outage at Goshen Center School.  Once the information was received from Eversource that they had no timetable for the restoration of power then a decision was made to close the school.  The lack of power limits communication, security and safety measures at GCS.  My decision on closure, at the time, was based on information received and ensuring the safety of students and staff while not having a fully operational school building.  As fate would have it, power was subsequently restored shortly after the closure was announced. 

Today, I have been asked, “Why was there not just a delay for GCS?”  I utilize delays when there is a good indication that a situation; be it road conditions, weather or power, will improve over time.  Today, sound information was not available. 

The other question asked today is, “How will this lost day be made up at GCS?”  The district has a school calendar with 181 school days.  We are required by law to have 180 school days.  Provided there are no other unique or single school events, we have the day already built in and should be able to have all schools end the year on the same day. 

In summary, this morning proved once again that the closure of a school is not a perfect science.  I work with a team and use the best information provided at the time a decision is made.  Like a weather forecast, sometimes that information is accurate and sometimes it is not. 

In closing, I apologize for any inconvenience caused to any family, student, or staff member by the closure today at GCS.  I thank everyone for their understanding and will continue to put safety first with the hope that future decisions will be less complicated. 




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