Enrichment Activity / Challenge (Worth Sharing)

Enrichment Activity / Challenge (Worth Sharing)
Posted on 03/16/2020
Biking and Exercise

Dear RSD6 School Community,  

In everything we must find good. 

I was recently shared the following from Brian Mongeau, a Physical Education Teacher for LPS. 

As a dad of two boys currently are on COVID-19 break, this was excellent, provided us some weekend ideas, and worth sharing with everyone. 

Stay healthy,  


Hi all- 

For my enrichment activity in middle school and high school, I am challenging my students to stay active during our break.  I am asking them to be creative, stay active, and share what they are doing if they and their families are comfortable with it.  If you would like to join in, please feel free!  I'm hoping it can be a good way to stay connected, motivated, active, and help relieve some stress!  Here's what I sent out: 

Even with school being closed, I am hoping that you can make an effort to keep physically active.  Not only is it healthy for you physically, it is a great way to relieve stress! Keep in mind that while you are in school you get to participate in exercise science every other day.  See if you can do something active at least that much. There are many options for you to stay active at home/outside.

A few Examples:

  • Walk/Hike/Run Outside
  • Dance!
  • Yoga
  • Check out Yoga with Andrienehttps://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene

    She has tons of yoga videos organized by time and level as well as yoga for stress, back pain, teens, etc.  Take a look around.

  • Body Weight Exercises

    Push-ups, crunches, squats, etc.  There are a lot of videos that you can find online where you need no equipment.  Add some burpees or jumping jacks to get the heart rate up!

  • Sports Related Activities
  • Shooting hoops, kicking around a soccer ball, playing whiffle ball, tennis, etc. 

If you and your family are comfortable with it, I’d love for you to take pictures or short videos of you being active and share them.  It would be amazing to compile all the awesome things you do to stay active.

You can share them with me via:

  • Instagram:  follow/tag @lhs_lms_mongeau 
  • Twitter:  follow/tag  @LHS_LMS_Mongeau
  • Google: docs/slides share or google classroom feed
  • Email:mongeaub@litchfieldschools.org 

Let’s stay connected and stay active!  I will be posting what I am doing everyday with my family on Instagram and Twitter as well!  Get creative! Involve your families! Tell your friends about it! Make it fun! This is a great opportunity to see what we as a community can come up with.


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