PPT Referral Process

Before a student is referred to special education in Regional School District No. 6, programs in regular education are explored, and alternative student support strategies are implemented within the regular education program. Each school in the district has a team that provides a variety of alternative strategies to the classroom teacher. Parental input is sought, and parents are encouraged to collaborate with the teacher during this process. Parents may also initiate this process when concerned about their child’s progress in school.

If the student’s difficulties in school persist following implementation of those strategies, a referral to the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) is made. A standard referral form is used by the district to document all referrals to the PPT. This form is available in each district school and at the Special Services office. Once this form is completed, it is given to the school administrator, and the PPT process is initiated. At the time of the completion of the referral form, parents are notified of the referral and of all alternative strategies employed in the classroom.

Parents are also notified in writing, with at least five days notice, of the date and time of the PPT meeting. The PPT is a group of certified and/or licensed professionals representing the areas of teaching,administration, and pupil personnel services, and the student’s parents who participate equally in the decision-making process. The PPT reviews the referral and determines action to be taken.

For additional information regarding the Referral to Special Education process for Regional School District No. 6, please contact any district school or Deb Foley, Director of Special Services, at (860) 567-6642.

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