2019-2020 Budget Questions & Answers

2019-2020 Budget Questions & Answers
Posted on 02/03/2019

February 3, 2019

Dear RSD6 Community,

Thank you to those that sent in budget questions over the past month. There were some common themes brought forward. After gathering those themes my goal in the following is to help answer questions and bring more clarity as we move through the 2019-2020 budget process.

As always, if you have any further questions, or concerns, please email me at cleone@rsd6.org.



Q) Will we have more security in our schools?

A) The 2019-2020 budget will propose to include School Resource Personnel in all schools. This individual will work directly with the Principal and the Community to ensure a greater sense of safety and security at each of our school facilities. I expect that job descriptions for the position will go to the Board of Education in March.

Q) The parking lots at all schools need paving. When will this be completed?

A) Our parking lots, like some parts of our buildings, have seen better times. Paving at all sites is on the Capital Projects List for the coming years. We will take the process piece-by-piece and address need. For example, there will be paving work ongoing this spring at JMS and WAMOGO. I expect that this summer more paving will occur at GCS, JMS and WAMOGO. Once the paving is complete, the district will also address “crack sealing” and preventative maintenance so that the future does not bring the same current conditions.

Q) What is the plan for the auditorium at WAMOGO?

A) Currently the district is analyzing the amount of work and associated cost to renovate the WAMOGO auditorium. This centerpiece of the WAMOGO campus has not been renovated since 1970.  The final cost of the renovation will be presented to the Board of Education in May as part of the 2019-2020 capital project list. If approved we expect that work will begin the day after the 2019 graduation.

Q) What is the condition of floors at WAMOGO? Other Schools?

A) The condition of building floors will be an ongoing district issue for the next 3-5 years.  This summer we expect to do significant work on WAMOGO classroom floors that date back to the 1980’s. We also will remove existing tile that has been cracking or pealing throughout identified hallways. With over 130,000 sq. ft at WAMOGO this is not a one- year process. Finally, we will also address entry floors at Warren School that are beyond repair. In the coming years we will also replace tile at JMS and GCS. Eventually, all tile surfaces, which require annual stripping and waxing, will eventually be replaced with a coating that does not require the labor intensive summer work of tile.  

Q) Student mental health needs more support. What will you do about it?

A)  This budget will include additional support for student support services in the form of increased social work hours. Additionally, we are looking at ways to support our students in need through collaborative partnerships with local community mental health agencies.

Q) The district needs to apply for more grants.

A) I agree. We currently look at numerous grants and apply as possible when the district qualifies. Many grants have stipulations attached that prevent some applications. When applying for grants, we also need to ensure that any project proposal is sustainable. The last thing we want is to secure grant funding and then have a project come to an end because it was not sustainable. Grant funding, and varying sources of revenue, will be a continued focus for the coming years.

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