Policies Regulations and Bylaws

Please click on the button to view the Regional School District No. 6 Public Schools Policies Regulations and Bylaws

Click Here

1.  Click on the Click Here button above to access the CABE policy website.
2.  Click on the Online Policy Manual Link on the left side of the page.
3.  Click on the series folder on the left side of the page to select the series
4.  Click on the policy number in the list to the view the policy.

In addition the policies are now fully searchable.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the policies:


In the Search Box located at the top right enter the key word(s) of what you may be looking for and it will return matches found in the policies on file. After results are returned you can use the toolbar which is briefly described below.


Here is a brief description of all of the features listed in the toolbar:

home – Accesses the opening screen, which serves as the starting point for the site.

help – Accesses the Online User’s Guide.

document – Displays the current document only (with no other frames).

toc – Displays the Table of Contents only.

browse – Displays the current document and the Table of Contents.

hitlist – Displays a ranked list of documents (after a search is performed).

previous doc – Allows you to return to the previous document in the collection.

next doc – Allows you to jump to the next document in the collection.

sync – shows the location of a document in context to the rest of the documents in the collection. This feature automatically expands or collapses the table of contents (as necessary) to display the location of the current document.

doc ref – Shows the folder and subfolder(s) for the document on display in the browser. The Page Reference is a reference window that allows you to quickly pinpoint the exact location of your document.

advanced search – Accesses the Advanced Search dialog box.

clear – Removes the current search.

previous hit – After performing a search, allows you to return to the search request or “hit” immediately before your current hit.

next hit – After performing a search, allows you to jump to the search request or “hit” immediately after your current hit.

previous hit doc – After performing a search, allows you to return to the document immediately before your current document.

next hit doc– After performing a search, allows you to jump to the document immediately after your current document.