SERIES 5000: Students

Note: 'R" denotes Administrative Regulation, "P/R" denotes Policy and Regulation

Title Number 
Admission to School/Placement 5111
Foreign Exchange Students 5111.1
Attendance/Excuses/Truancy 5113
Work Permits 5113.1R
Suspensions and Expulsions/Due Process 5114
Suspension from Interscholastic Activities 5114.2
Intra-District Voluntary Transfer of Elementary (K-6) Students  5117.1 
Nonresident Attendance  5118
Homeless Students  5118.1P/R
Promotion/Acceleration/Retention  5123P/R
Student Records: Confidentiality  5125
Conduct  5131
Bus Conduct  5131.1
Video Cameras on School Buses 5131.11
Security Cameras at School   5131.2
Student Driving and Parking  5131.3
Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco  5131.6
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments  5131.7
Electronic Devices 5131.81
Cell Phone Policy   5131.82
Hazing, Bullying  5131.911P/R
Dress  5132
Health Services 5141
Administering Medication 5141.21 
Communicable/Infectious Diseases 5141.22P/R 
Pediculosis 5141.221P/R
Psychotropic Drug Use  5141.231
Students with Special Health Care Needs 
Use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs 5141.27P/R
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention 5141.28
Health Assessments and Immunizations  5141.3P/R
Health Examinations for Middle/High School Athletic Participation  5141.31 
Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect  5151.4 
Crisis Response 5141.6P/R
Student Sports - Concussions  5141.7P/R 
Student Safety  5142
Relations with Non-Custodial Parents  5142.1
Student Dismissal Precautions 5142.2
Physical Exercise and Discipline of Students  5144.4
Section 504: Civil & Legal Rights and Responsibilities  5145P/R
Police in Schools  5145.11
On-Campus Recruitment  5145.14P/R
Sexual Harassment  5145.5P/R
Sexual Abuse Prevention and Education Program 5145.511P/R
Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth  5145.53
Emancipation of Minors/Age of Majority 5145.8
Research Involving Students 5156
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