SERIES 4000: Personnel Certified And Non-Certified

Note: 'R" denotes Administrative Regulation, "P/R" denotes Policy and Regulation.

Title Number 
Concepts and Roles in Personnel 4000
Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 4000.1
Certified Personnel 4100
Recruitment and Selection 4111/4211
District Minority and Recruitment Plan 4111.1/4211.1
Certification 4112.2
Physical Examinations  4112.4/4212.4
Security Check/Fingerprinting  4112.5/4212.5P/R
Personnel Records  4112.6/4212.6
Nepotism: Employment of Relatives  4112.8/4212.8
Evaluation and Support Program 4115/4215
Evaluation  4115.3
Awarding Tenure 4116
Suspension 4117.41
Prohibition of Sex Discrimination  4118.1/4218.1 
Non-Discrimination  4118.11/4218.11
Sexual Harassment  4118.112/4218.112P/R
Disabilities/Communicable and Infectious Diseases  4118.14/4218.14P/R
Conduct and Dress 4118.23/4218.23
Tobacco/Drugs/Alcohol 4118.231/4218.231P/R
Drug-Free Workplace  4118.232/4218.232P/R
Psychotropic Drug Use  4118.234/5141.231
Staff/Student Relationships 4118.24/4218.24
Duties of Personnel  4118.3/4218.3
Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties - Electronic Monitoring 4118.4/4218.4
Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties - Acceptable Use 4118.5/4218.5P/R 
Substitute Teachers  4121
Internship in School Administration and Supervision  4122.1
Professional Development  4131
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 4131.5
Grievances/Complaints 4135.4/4235.4
Unemployment  4144.1
Employee Safety  4147/4217 
Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 4147.1/4247.1R 
Handling Foreign Blood/Bodily Fluids  4147.2/4247.2R
Reasonable Use of Force (Employee Protection) 4148/4248
Personal Leaves - Family and Medical Leave Act 4152.6/4252.6P/R
Classified Personnel 4200
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers 4212.42 


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