Instruction (Series 6000)

Note: 'R" denotes Administrative Regulation, "P/R" denotes Policy and Regulation

Title Number 
Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness 6114
Fire Emergency Drills/Crisis Response Drills 6114.1P/R
Emergency Closings 6114.6
Safe Schools 6114.7
School Ceremonies and Observances 6115
Nondiscrimination in the Instructional Program 6121
Organizational Plan 6130
Curriculum 6140
Migrant Students  6141.312 
Technology and Instruction 6141.32
Computers: Acceptable Use of the Internet 6141.321 
Computers: Web Sites/Pages  6141.322
Internet Acceptable Use: Filtering  6141.323P/R 
Independent Study 6141.4
Student Nutrition and Physical Activity (Student Wellness Policy) 6142.101
Controversial Issues 6144
Reading Assignments and Other Instructional Material 6144.2R
Interscholastic Athletic Awards 6145.2
Publications 6145.3P/R 
Graduation Requirements 6146
Early Graduation 6146.01
Grading Assessment Systems 6146.1
Grade Weighting/Class Ranking  6146.11
Class Size (Kindergarten-Grade 6)  6151 
Student Trips  6153
Homework  6154 
Individualized Education/Special Education Program  6159
Library/Media Selection  6161
Textbook Evaluation  6161.1
Textbook Selection  6161.11
Care of Instructional Materials 6161.2 
Title I Comparability of Services 6161.3
Surveys of Students (Student Privacy)  6162.51
Live Animals in the Classroom  6163.3
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)  6164.12
Home Schooling  6172.3 
Parent Involvement in Title I Program  6172.4
Homebound Instruction  6173
Career and Vocational Education  6176
Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings  6177